ZombieRP Rules

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ZombieRP Rules
« on: June 05, 2017, 11:41:14 AM »
General Rules:
1. Do not FailRP.
2. Do not RDM or RDA other players.

3. Do not false warrant. It is the same as an RDA.

4. Thieves and mercenary classes can mug and raid (depending on the job conditions).

5. Gun Dealers can ONLY to have only one weapon and MUST perform public trades among the survivors.

6. Dead Memes can base with Citizens if they /job to Stray Meme.

7. Anyone (but the OP Skyrim Warrior, Zombies, Trump) can own a weapon.

8. Do not metagame (ban).

9. Do not flame anyone seriously especially the Administrators!

10. Do not attempt to crash the server in any way.

11. /ad to mug or raid must follow the rules. (Do not mug to RDM & display the amount).

12. Prop block/kill/spam = Ban

13. Do not spam camera flashes.

14. Thieves are the only ones who can mug/raid other thieves unless they create a faction among themselves.

15. Do NOT body block.

16. Do not return from death after 3 minutes. (New Life Rule)

17. Please do not micspam.

18. LIVING citizens can base with each other but must also follow roleplay conditions.

19. Do not impersonate any staff member/ranking.

20. Do NOT abuse Bugbait.

21. No wall banging (bannable offense).

22. No auto clicker.

Base Rules:

1. No one-way props during building and all bases must be raidable.

2. Fading doors must be attached to mechanics with 5 seconds delay.

3. Do NOT raid when someone is building. (They must have a "Building" sign up if they are.)

4. Do NOT prop climb.

5. Build only on your property.

6. No loud fading doors.

7. Bases must be raidable.

SeriousRP Rules:

1. Snipers must be used at a distance. (I wouldn't sniper you in the mouth)

2. Abide by FearRP when necessary. (Applies HIGHLY with car chases).

3. Have a reason for contract operations.

4. /ad warn before killing.

5. Scripts can be a bannable offense.

6. Sabotage against a custom faction is worth at least an insta-kick.

7. The maximum mugging can be only 10k.

8. Do NOT grapple or involuntarily steal cars.

9. If you are a thief/BCA/CIF class, you must /ad carjack to make them follow FearRP in order to steal a car.

10. Have fun! :D
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