Custom Class Application Format

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Custom Class Application Format
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:46:07 PM »
Use the format down below. MUST FIT IN WITH ROLEPLAY. #CommonSense:

1. In-Game Name: (Name you use the most frequently in the DarkRP server.)

2. Steam ID: (Use your profile page link with to find your steam ID).

3. What type of color do you want it to be?:

4. Playermodel link from the Steam Workshop:

5. Weapons:

6. Is your character generally hostile?:

7. Is this character part of CIF, BCA, or neutral (advanced class):

Advanced Class Questions:

1. Is there any roleplay conditions that apply to your character?:

2. Any modifications requested for your character? (health, armor, etc.):

3. How does your character affect the overall story told in rp?:

4. Additional notes you want to mention to staff:
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