Basic to advanced upgrade in custom class - Destiny application

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1. In-Game Name: Destiny

2. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:155901142

3. What type of color do you want it to be?: blue

4. Playermodel link from the Steam Workshop: already choosen

5. Weapons: add rkm and sniper

6. Is your character generally hostile?: No

7. Is this character part of CIF, BCA, or neutral (advanced class): Mainly CIF but helps BCA rarely

Advanced Class Questions:

1. Is there any roleplay conditions that apply to your character?: He can fire anyone who shoots him and he can kill if payed to.

2. Any modifications requested for your character? (health, armor, etc.): 200 health and 200 armor and can become invisible

3. How does your character affect the overall story told in rp?: He is a mercenary that helps the CIF mainly but can also help the BCA he is payed to help in raids and to help with other things aswell

4. Additional notes you want to mention to staff:could you change the name of daboy to DeathStroke