Aptare's Application

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Aptare's Application
« on: January 13, 2019, 05:52:45 PM »
1. In-Game Name: (Name you use the most frequently in the DarkRP server.) Aptare

2. Steam ID: (Use your profile page link with http://steamidfinder.com/ to find your steam ID). STEAM_0:1:66080180

3. How long you have played on the server: In game time is 24 hours.

4. Current Age: 14.

5. Times you are most frequently online: Generally, I'll be free from 3-9 PM CST on weekdays and 10AM-10PM CST on weekends. My joining the server and actually being connected is mostly dependent on the activity of the server at the time.

6. Do you have a mic?: Afraid not.

7. DO YOU WANT TO FIND THE ANSWER?: The answer and the question must be ascertained before we truly may understand the other.

8. DO YOU LIKE TO KILL?: I don't do my work for pleasure, but necessity.

9. A SICK ONE IS ON THE FLOOR. WHAT DO YOU DO?: Extract a sample and then practice the art of euthanasia. The crudeness of which depends on the tools available.

10. ARE YOU MILITARY?: Not in my present life.

11. HOW DO YOU PUT THEM TO SLEEP?: Depends. I try to make it quick, for my time is better spent elsewhere. Usually brute force trauma to the head is sufficient, though more "refined" methods may be in order, such as a firearm.

12. HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE CONTAMINATED BLOOD?: Carefully, with full hazardous equipment on my person.