An Old Man's Account (The Scientists HQ)

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An Old Man's Account (The Scientists HQ)
« on: August 30, 2017, 01:52:42 AM »
Hello, young wanderer! May I offer you some craft beer? I prepared it myself! Oh! Thank you for such generous donation! I usually don’t get this much from visitors such as yourself! You want to stay? If it’s gas you need then-- ummm… alright. This is the first time a visitor asked for my hospitality…

~ Well then, I believe the house is ready for visitors! Come on in! Meet my wife Isabella or Bella for short! Make yourself comfortable tonight! Because we have a special guest today, I insisted on cooking a nice Alfredo Pasta for tonight’s dinner! Here it is! Thank you, Bella! She will be with us shortly soon for grace. In case you want to save data on your cellular phone, you can connect to the wifi that we have here for tonight. Just select the first thing that pops up on the wifi feed. Hello, Bella! A Cabernet Sauvignon! My favorite! Here son! My treat on me! Alright! Ready to say grace?

~ Dear Lord, I pray that this young man's journey may be one protected by your hand for whatever decisions he has and will make in his life. As always, thank you for another day away from the demons that haunt me! Amen.

~ I understand that you may feel a little uncomfortable seeing an old man like myself asking this “entity” to protect a young man like yourself but believe me! I now believe that the supernatural are among us after the event that happened in my life. Hopefully, my wife can keep me under control during this story…

~ I was a young boy graduating from the legendary Stanford University with a bachelor’s in psychology ready to start a new career as a Public Relations Specialist until recently when an organization known as the… what was it called? I don’t remember but I shouldn’t because all they did to me was… nevermind I’ll get to that later. So I got offered to work for these individuals who promised a fair share of 100,000 if I chose to participate. When I arrived there, I had to sign a few papers before being blindfolded into this white room.

~ A little bit of background for who I am, I’ve grown up with with a unique form of a disability which many people call today as Autism, therefore, requiring stimulation constantly so that I may keep my sanity. Anyways, I walked into a white room and was ordered to sit there and stare into what I thought was a target until I saw something else. Almost immediately I heard no sound and the room began to blind everything around me. I was about to scream until I noticed that there was a door in place of where the target was formed. Upon opening it, I heard the distant sounds of machinery and working dialogue before noticing that I was walking into a white hallway with glass windows showing a massive five story lab. There were many scientists wearing these white suits looking at cacographic equations that looked a bit like chemistry. I continued walking down the hallway where I met multiple men wearing nice brown clothes who drew about one pint of blood and checked my eyes using Greek characters instead of normal letters. When they told me I was ready with their emotionless gaze, I then noticed how sinister they all looked while they stared at me. I quickly asked where the next station was and dashed as fast I could from the evil hiding within their persona. When I came too, I found that I was in front of a black door named “The Iatros”. I slowly entered in, holding my breath only to find a man wearing a terrifying mask behind a desk looking at me. I slowly closed the door behind me and decided to stare at how marvelous the mask really is. The man himself told me that what he was conditioning me to be able to provide him information in regards to his “research of the eye”. He then tells me to lay down on the bed he pulled up beside him and to relax. As I kept my eyes open, he drops small samples of solution into my eyes that made me tear up a little before giving me something that haunts me to this day. I saw his purple solution and notice that the friendly look of the masked man had vanished as he approached me. When I blinked, I saw the Devil himself behind the mask grinning as he approached me with his purple solution with only one intention: to remove my eyes to complete his private “work”. I couldn't move because I was paralyzed by fear. Just then, I see a young boy not much younger than me, pull out a small pistol and fired it at the masked man multiple times. The man then looked at the boy and groaned, “Kid, his eyes were perfect for making them all see”. The boy then looked back at his father with tears in his eyes, “No Dad. You could’ve done it another way. He completed his deal, but you didn’t follow through with yours. I will NEVER allow you to hurt anyone in this way again”. With that, the boy then unloaded the rest of his clip into what I now presume to be his father. The boy then injected me with a sedative putting me to sleep almost immediately.

~ I then woke up back in my car in an empty parking lot with a 100 grand check on my lap not too far from my apartment at the time only remembering fragments of what happened of my life at the time. Now that I remember everything, I hope that my story will give you some assurance into why I don’t sign up for ANYTHING ever again. I know son that this story may not have any effect on your life’s direction but I recently heard that these men are back appearing all over the world recruiting men around your age again. I do strongly urge to pass my message to anyone you love and care about before it’s too late.

~ Well! It seems that you have finished two courses of Alfredo along with the rest of the Cabernet! I hope my wife’s cooking satisfied you! There is a bathroom and shower in the guest room along with provided soaps so don’t worry about any toiletries! If you need anything just ask my wife because the man of the house needs to sleep! Leave anytime you’d like! Just be very quiet when doing so! I hope you enjoyed your stay and I pray to see you again somewhere down the road!
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